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by AdminMy Store 20 Mar 2024

Have you ever searched “Basketball” online and been overwhelmed with all the options? If so, don’t worry. Whether you want to play like the pros, are just starting, or are looking for something for your next pickup game, this is what you need to know before buying a basketball.

Basketballs can be categorized by two simple things: size and material. 


Depending on your league, age and gender, there are three commonly used sizes from which to choose.

Most adult men’s leagues, which range from ages 13 and up, use a size 7 basketball, which is 29.5″ in circumference. By comparison, most women’s leagues and youth leagues that cater to children ages 9 – 12 use a size 6 ball, which comes in at 28.5″. Finally, a size 5 basketball is a full two inches smaller than the men’s size, settling at 27.5″. This ball is intended for children under 9.


When looking at material there are three basic types. Leather, Composite and Rubber.

Leather is an incredible material but is highly cost prohibitive and doesn’t last as long as other materials. Thus, at Paisheng, we have chosen to use composite materials for our high end balls. All of our basketballs offer high performance, a high level of grip, and unmatched durability providing athletes with a consistent ball day in and day out.

Rubber basketballs are generally made for outdoor courts and called outdoor basketballs. They can offer extra bounce and durability. They can also be a good option for beginners who are just learning or for recreational play. 

Now, that you know the ins and outs of basketballs. Hit the court with confidence and grab the ball that’s right for you. If you're looking for that "extra" special ball, personalize any of our game balls with your name and make the game yours! See you on the court.

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